Our Unique Culture


Our corporate DNA is built on three pillars:

• Empowerment

• Efficiency

• Continuous Improvement

While these words are often used by corporations as buzzwords and bandied about during management-employee town halls or in training manuals, Smartec actually instills these practices into the corporate culture across the whole company using unique proprietary frameworks and policies. The below list is just a sampling of how we have molded these three values into our corporate culture:

360 Management

All of our employees are empowered with a ‘fine ticket’ system where they can impose on any other colleagues within the company a friendly penalty of a token 1 renminbi fine if they were fairly deemed to have lapsed in their duty in some manner, for e.g., failing to meet an agreed deadline with another department, or oversight on a product’s quality caught by someone else down the line.

This system was not designed to find fault with individuals, but rather to instill into every employee the culture that everyone is equally responsible for the company’s performance and success. The tickets also form a reliable database from which to objectively identify gaps in both human resource constraints or potential equipment and process failures.

The company matches the fines on a 4:1 basis on average and the money goes into an employees’ welfare fund. This unique ‘360 Management’ scheme is just one of the ways in which we encourage and reward our staff for building our unique culture of taking ownership and maintaining professional accountability no matter what your role is within Smartec.

Zero Defect Production

While the notion of zero defects in the manufacturing world may sound like Utopia to most, Smartec makes this the goal of our production facilities using very concrete methods.

1. We leverage on our deep and broad manufacturing experience to ensure the manufacturing process is designed right from the start with the goal of no defective products as far as possible, rather than trying to ‘catch’ defective products only during the quality control (QC) process subsequently.

2. 100% of our products go through QC instead of just a sampling. At the end of each batch, the numbers are analyzed and compared with the previous batch. At Smartec, we require our production lines to reduce defects on every single batch as a performance indicator. This is achieved by listening to feedback from the operators on the ground and constantly redesigning and improving the production. With enough iterations, fault discovery and process improvement, Zero Defect Production becomes closer to reality.

War mode

Smartec imitates the disciplined and cooperative aspects of a military organization whenever a challenging problem or task presents itself worthy of such a tactic. All employees are indoctrinated with two types of ‘War Mode’ situations:

A. State of Emergency (SOE)
A SOE is called whenever a situation requires employees to do whatever it takes to resolve it. To Smartec, our dedication to making a promised delivery to a client calls for a SOE whenever we are in danger of failing to do so. In a SOE state, both management and operators will work as long and as hard as it takes to deliver the products on time to the client.

B. Task Force
Whenever we encounter a situation that could damage the health of the whole company, a cross department team is assembled in a task force and asked to focus on solving the problem asap. Through this disciplined and collaborative ‘Task Force’ method, we have been able to increase on-time purchasing from 80+% to over 99%. We have also used this method successfully to reduce a client’s product costing dramatically through redesigns to both process and product, thereby helping our client to maintain profitability amid fierce competition.

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