Smartec 15th Anniversary Celebration

Smartec 15th Anniversary Celebration

20 May 2010

SMARTEC celebrated her 15th anniversary on May 20, 2010. At the celebration banquet where more than 200 SMARTEC management staffs gathered, SMARTEC CEO Mr. Lee Zheng announced the new corporate objectives of “Reduced Production Lead Time, Zero Defect Production and Steady Growth”. Towards achieving these objectives, SMARTEC has successfully implemented of a new management system based on monthly reviews of our colleagues’ individual performance indexes that will result in strong rewards or feedbacks as basis for further improvement.

Being 15 years young and stronger than ever, SMARTEC wishes to take this opportunity to thank our partners and customers for your steadfast supports and trusts. SMARTEC is committed to invest in our people, and the best management tools available to allow our more than 1,000 colleagues the opportunity to deliver better services and value to you, in the many years to come.

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