As a company, we have, and will continue to distinguish ourselves and stay ahead of our competitors through our unique corporate culture that instills our competitive strengths into our employees using a set of special management practices and systems. You may wish to read more about these proprietary methods at our corporate culture page.

This unique corporate culture has resulted in us simply having better people and better processes which directly translates into better products and lower costs for our customers. The result speaks for itself through the many awards we have won within the industry.


Smartec’s strengths, in short, can be summarized into People, Process and Products.


- Empowerment of every single individual to make improvements and contribute ideas
- Emphasis on personal development and training
- Individual accountability for performance & problem solving


- Yearly efficiency targets to drive improvements and cost control
- Weekly KPI monitoring and reviews
- Twice weekly case studies to look at problems and solutions


- ‘Zero Defect Production’ philosophy in the design of manufacturing processes
- 100% quality control on all products
- Constant innovation to improve quality and lower cost through better product design


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